Grazing Days Grass-Fed Beef Available Now

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Jun 282016

Gongfu Bao

Grazing Days is a family farm that delivers high quality grass-fed beef and pastured pork to local households in Ottawa and Gatineau. It’s like a magazine subscription, but for grass-fed beef. We aim to make local grass-fed beef available to households who don’t have a lot of storage space to store frozen meat, or households who don’t consume large quantities of meat, by delivering shoe-box sized boxes of beef or pork on a regular basis, be it once a month, once every other month or once a year. For those looking to order larger quantities of meat in a single delivery, we do that too.


We are now accepting orders for our grass-fed beef

Grazing Days is committed to raising high quality grass-fed beef. Our cattle eat nothing but grass during the spring, summer, and fall months and in the winter we feed dried grass (hay) or fermented grass (haylage). We do not feed any grain at any point in time. We are also committed to not using artificial growth hormones or antibiotics.


We are now accepting orders for our grass-fed beef. The beef we are accepting orders for now (the Spring/Summer of 2016) will be delivered between October 2016 and June 2017. Here is an overview of our grass-fed beef order options, the pricing, and the breakdown of the beef for each 10 lb package:


Grazing Days Grass-Fed Beef CSA 2016/2017 Pricing and Order Guide

Amount of Beef Eaten in Household
80 lbs / year
(1.5 -2 lbs/ week)
40 lbs / year
(about 1 lb/ week)
10 lbs /year
(about 1 lb/ month)
Freezer Space Small
(Freezer above Fridge)
Full Share $883.20
(8 deliveries of 10lbs  between October and June)
Half Share $441.60
(4 deliveries of 10lbs between October and June)
Sample Box $115
(1 delivery of 10 lbs)
(Small chest Freezer)
Bulk Share $843.20
(4 deliveries of 20lbs between October and June)
Mixed Eighth $411.60
(1 delivery of 40 lbs)
(Chest Freezer)
Mixed Quarter $813.20
(1 delivery of 80 lbs)
  • Every animal is made up of approximately 25% steak, 25% roast and 50% ground beef, which means:
  • Every 10 lbs consists of approximately 2 (1lb)packages of steak (2 per package), 1 (2.5 to 3 lbs) roast, 1 (1 lb)package of stewing beef or sausage, and 3 or 4 (1 to 1.5 lbs) packages of ground beef


When you are ready to place your order, please select which CSA share you would like to order and complete the order form on our website:


If you have any questions or things you would like to verify prior to placing your order, please contact Paul at or Josée at Also feel free to call us at 613 898 9136.


Warm regards,


Paul Slomp

Grazing Days



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the whey they like it.

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May 282016

The season is well under way here on the farm. The cows are happily on pasture, moving every day to fresh grass, and the pigs are helping us get parcels of land ready for fresh seed. 
IMG_8500 (2)







During the winter months, we looked for ways to make our pork enterprise more profitable. Given the high cost of organic pig feed, and the belief that pigs can and should play a food waste recycling role, we have paired up with a local cheese maker, la Fromagerie Montebello. We’ve been feeding the pigs whey, a waste product of cheese making, for a week now and they’ve adjusted well.

Twice a week, two to four of these totes are filled at the Fromagerie.

IMG_8521 IMG_8531







We feel a lot better feeding the pigs this way, saving the food grade organic grain for human consumption.  And this added sustainability might well be the ticket to a profitable farm enterprise.

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Our Latest Inventory

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May 282016

Here is our latest inventory (as of 25 May 2016). If you’d like to make a purchase, please be in touch. We do not have additional Ottawa/Gatineau deliveries planned, but you are more than welcome to come to the farm to pick up. Please do call (819-516-0600) or email ( first to make sure we are home and can get your order ready prior to your arrival.


Regular Beef
(under 30 month of age, no hormones, no antibiotic, 100% grass-fed)
Item Description Total Available Price
Round Steak 1 lb package 4 $10.00
Hanging Tender 1.5 lb package 14 $15.00
Sirloin Tip Roast 2.75 lbs package 8 $20.00
Farmer Sausage 1 lb package 20 $10.00
Beef Tallow 2 $5.00
Beef Kidneys 2 per package 24 $2.00
Bones 4 -5 lb packages 14 $5.00
Bulk Bones 30-40 lbs box 12 $15.00
Bulk Fat 40 lbs box 4 $20.00
Market Cows
(over 60 month of age, no hormones,  100% grass-fed)
Item Description Total Available Price
Tenderloin Steaks 0.6 lb packages 34 $10.00
Ground Beef 10 lb box 73 $75.00
Ground Beef 20 lb box 17 $140.00
Burger Patties Plain 1 lb package, 4 patties 182 $7.50
Burger Patties (Farmer Sausage Seasoning) 1 lb package, 4 patties 41 $7.50
Sausage – Mild Italian 1 lb package 84 $8.50
Sausage – Fine Herb 1 lb package 65 $8.50
Sausage – Farmer 1 lb package 58 $8.50
Sausage – Tomato Basil 1 lb package 109 $8.50
Sausage – Honey Garlic (contain gluten) 1 lb package 72 $8.50
Bone Broth 350 ml 175 $3.00
Market Kidney 2 per package 2 $1.00
Regular Pork
(Pasture raised, organic feed, no hormones, no antibiotics)
Item Description Total Available Price
Pork Fat 10 lbs each 8 $15.00
Pork Leaf Fat 24 lbs each 3 $25.00
Pork Kidneys 2 per package 7 $1.00
Pork Hearts whole, .5 lbs each 18 $1.00



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Annual Meeting & Farm Tour on May 21st

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May 162016

Please join us for our annual Grazing Days / Ferme Aube aux champs CSA meeting and farm tour.

Who: All are welcome, customers and supporters alike.

What: 12:00-1:00pm Family BBQ

(Sausages, Burgers, Potato Salad, Drinks – $5 per child, $7.50 per adult)

please RSVP number of children and adults to

            1:00pm – 2:00pm Grazing Days Business Meeting / kids play time

            2:00pm – 4:00pm Farm Tour

When: May 21, 2016 noon until 4:00pm

Where: Grazing Days / Ferme Aube aux champs

567 rg. Ste Julie Est, St-André-Avellin, QC, J0V 1W0

How: To help us plan for and cover the cost of the BBQ, we will be asking people to RSVP. Please email with the number of children and number of adults you are hoping to bring by May 19th at the latest.


Please bring rubber boots, sun/wind protection, and, if you have one, your favourite pincnic blanket.

Looking forward to seeing you out at the farm!


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Help us turn off our freezers !

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May 122016


With the summer fast approaching, help us get our grass-fed beef out of our freezers (so we can turn them off until October) and onto your barbecues and plates!


Paul will be parking an order-stocked delivery truck at three locations this Saturday, May 14th :

  • in Orléans (address TBD; 9h00 to 11h00),
  • in the Glebe (166 Glebe ave.; 11h30-13h30),
  • in Westboro (427 Mayfair Ave.; 14h00-16h00).

Please place your order before the end of the day Thursday, by emailing specifying at which location you’ll be picking up, and we’ll have it ready for you in our delivery truck.

(Alternatively, you can place an order now and pick it up at the farm at our AGM on May 21st)

An invoice will be sent to you confirming your order (the availability of the items ordered and the cost). You can pay with cash or a cheque when you pick up on Saturday.


Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday.

Here is a list of what’s up for grabs :


Regular Beef
(under 30 month of age, no hormones, no antibiotic, 100% grass-fed)
Item Description Total Available Price
Sirloin Steak 0.8 lb package 6 $12,00
Round Steak 1 lb package 13 $10,00
Hanging Tender 1.5 lb package 16 $15,00
Sirloin Tip Roast 2.75 lbs package 19 $20,00
Short Rib Roast 3 lb package 10 $20,00
Farmer Sausage 1 lb package 23 $10,00
Tomato Basil Sausage 1 lb package 16 $10,00
Beef Heart whole, cleaned 5 $2,00
Beef Tallow 3-4 lb packages 3 $5,00
Beef Kidneys 2 per package 24 $2,00
Bones 4 -5 lb packages 34 $5,00
Bulk Bones 30-40 lbs box 14 $15,00
Bulk Fat 40 lbs box 4 $20,00
Market Cows
(over 60 month of age, no hormones,  100% grass-fed)
Item Description Total Available Price
Tenderloin Steaks 0.6 lb packages 71 $10,00
Ground Beef 10 lb box 87 $75,00
Ground Beef 20 lb box 18 $140,00
Ground Beef 40 lb box 1 $270,00
Burger Patties Plain 1 lb package, 4 patties 244 $7,50
Burger Patties (Farmer Sausage Seasoning) 1 lb package, 4 patties 56 $7,50
Sausage – Mild Italian (gluten free) 1 lb package 111 $8,50
Sausage – Fine Herb (gluten free) 1 lb package 74 $8,50
Sausage – Farmer (gluten free) 1 lb package 67 $8,50
Sausage – Tomato Basil (gluten free) 1 lb package 120 $8,50
Sausage – Honey Garlic (contain gluten) 1 lb package 83 $8,50
Bone Broth 350 ml 196 $3,00
Market Liver 1 lb packages 35 $1,00
Market Kidney 2 per package 3 $1,00
Market Heart 1/2 heart per package 6 $1,00
Regular Pork
(Pasture raised, organic feed, no hormones, no antibiotics)
Item Description Total Available Price
Pork Fat 10 lbs each 9 $15,00
Pork Leaf Fat 24 lbs each 3 $25,00
Pork Kidneys 2 per package 7 $1,00
Pork Hearts whole, .5 lbs each 18 $1,00


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Aube aux champs Incubator Farm.

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Sep 092015

Ferme Aube aux champs/Grazing Days is launching an Incubator Farm. If you have a bit of experience and are interested in giving farming a go; if you’re looking for land or know someone who is, please read on, pass it on, and get in touch.


1.      Introduction

La Ferme Aube aux champs is a small family farm, purchased in early 2014 with the intention of growing our existing farm, Grazing Days. We are now actively seeking participants for our Incubator Farm project.


2.      Ferme Aube aux champs background

2.1.    The land and the farm

Ferme Aube aux champs is a farm St.-André-Avellin, QC that is owned and operated by Josée Cyr-Charlebois and Paul Slomp and their two young children. The farm is currently 370 acres of which 30 acres are rock and bush, 20 acres are permanent pasture with shallow and exposed bed rock, and 320  acres are arable.

The home farm, which is owned by Josée and Paul consists of 200 acres, half of which is tile drained. Ferme Aube aux champs currently rents 170 acres of neighbouring land (not tile drained), is hoping to purchase this land and has a registered lease on the land which expires in December 2018.

The farm runs about 2 km long and about 1 km wide with heavy clay soils on the Southern tip and in the middle, loam soils in the South and sandy soils in the North. Most of the farm has deep clay sub-soils.

Josée and Paul acquired the farm in May of 2014. Prior to their acquisition 50 acres had been used to make hay and 180 acres had been used for cash crops (GM soybeans in 2013). All of the arable land has been seeded to a legume and grass mixture and is currently used on a hay / grazing rotation.

Soil samples have been taken on most of the farm, and soil amendments have started. The aim is to be certified organic by the fall of 2018.


2 houses, 1 old garage, 1 heated shop, 3 hay sheds, 2 barns, 2 machinery sheds


70hp tractor 4wd, loader, cab (JD 2007), 60hp cab-less tractor, disc bine, rake, tedder, round baler, 2 hay wagons, swather, combine, generator, post pounder, plow, S-tine, grading blade, forklift forks, quad, hay wrapper, self-loading hay wagon, wide variety of tools


7000ft buried waterline (pressure system), corral, electric fences, 2 walk-in freezers (8ft X 11ft), 1 walk-in cooler (8ft X 10ft), refrigerated delivery vehicle.

2.2.    The market

Saint-André-Avellin is an hour outside of Ottawa and an hour and a half outside of Montréal. It is near Mont-Tremblant and has a vibrant organic farming community, which includes a local Marché de solidarité 15 kilometres from the farm.

2.3.    Grazing Days

Currently the only enterprise on the farm is Grazing Days. Grazing Days intensive-rotationally-grazes 45 cow calf pairs and 20 pigs on the farm and each year delivers the meat from 40 grass-fed cattle and pork to approximately 250 households in the Ottawa / Gatineau area. For more information visit and

2.4.    Josée

Josée is from Ottawa. She has a Masters degree in sociology and has worked in community development in the promotion of human rights and health fields. She is interested in the political dimension of food sovereignty. Her first summers on the farm involved setting up a quarter acre family garden, tending to laying hens and growing a small plot of wheat. In the years ahead, Josée will focus her energies on building the wheat plots to launch a processing business and will find ways to incorporate her background in community development here on the farm.

2.5.    Paul

Paul was raised on a dairy farm in central Alberta. He studied civil engineering at the University of Alberta and after university, spent 4 years working with smallholder farmers in Ghana, Zambia, Malawi and Rwanda. He realized that smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa are facing the same issues (getting goods to market, getting paid a fair price for these goods, rising input costs, access to capital and control over input and market prices) as farmers in Canada. Paul started farming in 2010 to demonstrate alternative ways of growing food than the prescribed industrial style of agriculture and to advocate for policies that acknowledge existing differences in power and the undeniable bonds between farmers, eaters and the Planet – in Canada and the rest of the world.


3.      Ferme Aube aux champs in the short-medium term –  Establishing an Incubator Farm

We hope to welcome up to three vegetable growing operations which will each be able to use one drained acre. If others are interested in the project and have different enterprises in mind (bee-keeping, small livestock, etc.), we would be very eager to discuss your needs and accommodate.

This is an opportunity for individuals who want to get into farming, who have some experience, and who have the ability and desire to learn independently.

Infrastructure that will be available to participants (with usage fees):

Fertile land, water, shared housing, cold storage, storage, delivery vehicle, access to tractors and other farm machinery.

We are going to set up a mentorship program for participants. We are looking to financially compensate mentors for their time and efforts.


4.      Next Steps: Selecting participants

In the following months, we are looking to select participants for the Incubator Farm project. The process we’ve set up is the following:

4.1.    Release of the call for applications. Applications should include: A description of farm (and other) experience), a business plan (or a plan to create one) – please see our approximate cost of things on the farm here: Ferme Aube aux champs coüt pour le bail estimation, a short bio of the members of the farming enterprise, the reason why you’re interested in the opportunity.

4.2.    Information Day at Ferme Aube aux champs : 1 November 2015.

4.3.    Deadline for application: Spaces will be allocated until they are filled.


5.      Conclusion

The farming season has confirmed that we want to build community and farm collectively here. The land and its farmers are craving it. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please submit your questions and applications by email to:

open 2

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Grazing Days Sausage Fest and Annual Meeting April 10th

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Mar 272015

Taste sausages – choose your favourite, eat some of Ottawa’s finest street-food, learn about what is happening with Grazing Days – join us on April 10th!

Sausage-festWhen: April 10th, 2015 from 6pm to 10pm

Who: Everyone is welcome. Anyone who is a Grazing Days customer or a farm supporter. The only catch is that the room’s capacity is 80 people – reserve your ticket(s) early.

Where: Centretown – exact location will be shared when you reserve your ticket(s).

How: Please reserve your ticket(s) by completing the form below. Tickets are priced to help cover the cost of the catering: $13 per full portion and $5 per kid portion and are payable at the door.Sorry this event is now sold out


6:30pm Sausage Fest! (Did we mention Gluten Free Sausages?!)

Since we have moved to our new farm, we have started to work with a local-to-the-farm sausage maker: Ferme Moreau. For Sausage Fest, they have prepared 5 different kinds of Gluten Free sausages with Grazing Days beef for all of us to sample. The favourite sausage of the evening will become the standard sausage in the Grazing Days beef boxes.


These 5 sausages will be going toe to toe for the honour:

(We will have extra packages of frozen sausages for sale at $10.00 per package if there are any sausages you would like to try cooking at home…)

  • Beefeater Sausage
  • Farmers’ Sausage
  • Fine Herbs Sausage
  • Mild Italian Sausage
  • Tomato Basil Sausage


7:00pm Gongfu Bao meal!

Our good friend Tarek at Gongfu Bao (, the source of some of Ottawa’s tastiest street food, is kindly working with us to cater the event. He’s cooking up some tasty Grazing Days beef for his steam buns to go along with the Sausage Fest theme. (Vegetarian and / or Gluten Free options are also available). Tickets are $13 for Full portions – which includes 2 steam buns (or similar) and a side and $5 for Kid portions – 1 steam bun (or similar). Drinks will be sold separately.


As a side note, in the past, Grazing Days has often opted for the potluck, as the way to share a meal at our events. Our hunch is that some of our customers chose not to come to events because of the potluck component. We’re excited to see if catered food is a more appealing option.


8 :00pm Grazing Days Annual Meeting

We’ll cap off the evening with a quick review of the Grazing Days 2014/2015 season, a peak at Grazing Days’ finances, and some musings about what we are looking forward to and thinking about on the farm for 2015/ 2016 and beyond.


We’ll have some Twister-type activities to keep the younger (and older) crowd occupied during this part of the evening.

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Grazing Days Prices for 2015/2016

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Mar 132015

Beef Pricing Trends 2013-2015In the last edition of the Grazing Post, we had an article about beef cattle prices being on the rise in recent years. The price of cattle has continued to rise since the last newsletter. The graph on the right (updated weekly through the Beef Farmers of Ontario) shows the price of 600-699 pound heifers (which tend to be about 15 cents a lb more expensive than the 800 lbs heifers we purchase). We purchased at about week 20 last year for $1.75 per lb. Based on this chart, we are guessing that we will be paying about $2.20 per lb for our heifers this year.


The unfortunate part about this cattle price increase is that we too need to increase our prices this year. Last year, we purchased 40 yearling heifers, averaging 800 lbs at $1.75 per lbs for a total of $56,000.


This year we will be purchasing 40 yearling heifers, averaging 800 lbs at $2.20 per lbs for a total of $70400. That is an increase of $14,400. We sell between 310 and 320 lbs of beef per animal for a total of between 12,400 and 12,800 lbs. If all of our other costs remain the same, we would have to increase our prices by $1.13 to $1.16 per pound to cover the increased price of these yearlings. As such we are raising our prices by $1.15 per pound this year, from $8.75 per pound to $9.90 per pound. We realize that this is a 13% increase over last year, but unfortunately we have very little choice. We hope you understand.


Our pricing formula for 2015 works as such: we charge $9.90 per pound of beef to cover our cost of production and wages and then $10 per delivery to cover the cost of packaging, storing, handling and delivery. For example, the half share costs 40 lbs X $9.90/lb + 4 deliveries X $10/delivery = $396 + $40 = $436.

If all goes well, this is the last year that we will be purchasing stockers. The calves that were born on the farm this past summer will be ready to be butchered in the fall of 2016. Our goal is still to peg our annual price increases to Canada’s annual inflation rate.


Beef Pricing Chart 2015

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