All I want for Christmas is Moo!

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Dec 052017

Are you looking for an original way to show that special friend or family member that you care this holiday season?

Grazing Days is proposing the gift of a delivery of grass-fed beef and/or pastured pork.



How it works:

  • You, the giver, fill out the form below with the name, email, phone number and delivery address of the person who’ll be receiving this gift
  • You send payment (e-transfer or cheque in the mail) for the order by December 24th.
  • On December 25th we send a festive e-notice to the recipients of all completed orders, saying that they’ve been gifted with a 10lb box of frozen beef/pork which will be delivered to their home in January.
  • We communicate a delivery date to the person receiving the gift 10 days in advance.
  • We deliver the boxes.


Get in touch if you have any questions.

And please support local this holiday season!


All I Want for Christmas is Moo! Order Form





Total: $

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September Meat Pop-Up

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Sep 132017

Hamburgers being flame broiled on the gas grill

We are no longer accepting orders for the September Meat Pop-up at this time. Please check back here soon for the information about the October Meat Pop-up.

This fall has brought with it some excellent BBQing weather. We have scheduled a third beef for the BBQ pop-up. You will be able to pick up your order on Thursday September 21st.

To Order, please  complete the order form below. You will get a choice between three pickup locations:

The Farm pick-up location (567 rang ste Julie Est, St-André-Avellin (Map) on Saturday September 16th between 2:00pm and 4:00pm (during the farm tour – see above)

The Glebe Pick-up Location will be at the Corner of Glebe Ave and Lyon St (Map)
on Thursday September 21st between 3:00pm and 5:00pm

The Westboro Pick-up Location will be at the Corner of Mayfair Ave and Bassett Ln (Map)
on Thursday September 21st between 5:30pm and 7:30pm

Please note that these items below are available on a first come first served basis.

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Grazing Days Grass-Fed Beef Available Now

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Jun 282016

Gongfu Bao

Grazing Days is a family farm that delivers high quality grass-fed beef and pastured pork to local households in Ottawa and Gatineau. It’s like a magazine subscription, but for grass-fed beef. We aim to make local grass-fed beef available to households who don’t have a lot of storage space to store frozen meat, or households who don’t consume large quantities of meat, by delivering shoe-box sized boxes of beef or pork on a regular basis, be it once a month, once every other month or once a year. For those looking to order larger quantities of meat in a single delivery, we do that too.


We are now accepting orders for our grass-fed beef

Grazing Days is committed to raising high quality grass-fed beef. Our cattle eat nothing but grass during the spring, summer, and fall months and in the winter we feed dried grass (hay) or fermented grass (haylage). We do not feed any grain at any point in time. We are also committed to not using artificial growth hormones or antibiotics.


We are now accepting orders for our grass-fed beef. The beef we are accepting orders for now (the Spring/Summer of 2016) will be delivered between October 2016 and June 2017. Here is an overview of our grass-fed beef order options, the pricing, and the breakdown of the beef for each 10 lb package:


Grazing Days Grass-Fed Beef CSA 2016/2017 Pricing and Order Guide

Amount of Beef Eaten in Household
80 lbs / year
(1.5 -2 lbs/ week)
40 lbs / year
(about 1 lb/ week)
10 lbs /year
(about 1 lb/ month)
Freezer Space Small
(Freezer above Fridge)
Full Share $883.20
(8 deliveries of 10lbs  between October and June)
Half Share $441.60
(4 deliveries of 10lbs between October and June)
Sample Box $115
(1 delivery of 10 lbs)
(Small chest Freezer)
Bulk Share $843.20
(4 deliveries of 20lbs between October and June)
Mixed Eighth $411.60
(1 delivery of 40 lbs)
(Chest Freezer)
Mixed Quarter $813.20
(1 delivery of 80 lbs)
  • Every animal is made up of approximately 25% steak, 25% roast and 50% ground beef, which means:
  • Every 10 lbs consists of approximately 2 (1lb)packages of steak (2 per package), 1 (2.5 to 3 lbs) roast, 1 (1 lb)package of stewing beef or sausage, and 3 or 4 (1 to 1.5 lbs) packages of ground beef


When you are ready to place your order, please select which CSA share you would like to order and complete the order form on our website:


If you have any questions or things you would like to verify prior to placing your order, please contact Paul at or Josée at Also feel free to call us at 613 898 9136.


Warm regards,


Paul Slomp

Grazing Days



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the whey they like it.

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May 282016

The season is well under way here on the farm. The cows are happily on pasture, moving every day to fresh grass, and the pigs are helping us get parcels of land ready for fresh seed. 
IMG_8500 (2)







During the winter months, we looked for ways to make our pork enterprise more profitable. Given the high cost of organic pig feed, and the belief that pigs can and should play a food waste recycling role, we have paired up with a local cheese maker, la Fromagerie Montebello. We’ve been feeding the pigs whey, a waste product of cheese making, for a week now and they’ve adjusted well.

Twice a week, two to four of these totes are filled at the Fromagerie.

IMG_8521 IMG_8531







We feel a lot better feeding the pigs this way, saving the food grade organic grain for human consumption.  And this added sustainability might well be the ticket to a profitable farm enterprise.

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Annual Meeting & Farm Tour on May 21st

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May 162016

Please join us for our annual Grazing Days / Ferme Aube aux champs CSA meeting and farm tour.

Who: All are welcome, customers and supporters alike.

What: 12:00-1:00pm Family BBQ

(Sausages, Burgers, Potato Salad, Drinks – $5 per child, $7.50 per adult)

please RSVP number of children and adults to

            1:00pm – 2:00pm Grazing Days Business Meeting / kids play time

            2:00pm – 4:00pm Farm Tour

When: May 21, 2016 noon until 4:00pm

Where: Grazing Days / Ferme Aube aux champs

567 rg. Ste Julie Est, St-André-Avellin, QC, J0V 1W0

How: To help us plan for and cover the cost of the BBQ, we will be asking people to RSVP. Please email with the number of children and number of adults you are hoping to bring by May 19th at the latest.


Please bring rubber boots, sun/wind protection, and, if you have one, your favourite pincnic blanket.

Looking forward to seeing you out at the farm!


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Help us turn off our freezers !

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May 122016


With the summer fast approaching, help us get our grass-fed beef out of our freezers (so we can turn them off until October) and onto your barbecues and plates!


Paul will be parking an order-stocked delivery truck at three locations this Saturday, May 14th :

  • in Orléans (address TBD; 9h00 to 11h00),
  • in the Glebe (166 Glebe ave.; 11h30-13h30),
  • in Westboro (427 Mayfair Ave.; 14h00-16h00).

Please place your order before the end of the day Thursday, by emailing specifying at which location you’ll be picking up, and we’ll have it ready for you in our delivery truck.

(Alternatively, you can place an order now and pick it up at the farm at our AGM on May 21st)

An invoice will be sent to you confirming your order (the availability of the items ordered and the cost). You can pay with cash or a cheque when you pick up on Saturday.


Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday.

Here is a list of what’s up for grabs :


Regular Beef
(under 30 month of age, no hormones, no antibiotic, 100% grass-fed)
Item Description Total Available Price
Sirloin Steak 0.8 lb package 6 $12,00
Round Steak 1 lb package 13 $10,00
Hanging Tender 1.5 lb package 16 $15,00
Sirloin Tip Roast 2.75 lbs package 19 $20,00
Short Rib Roast 3 lb package 10 $20,00
Farmer Sausage 1 lb package 23 $10,00
Tomato Basil Sausage 1 lb package 16 $10,00
Beef Heart whole, cleaned 5 $2,00
Beef Tallow 3-4 lb packages 3 $5,00
Beef Kidneys 2 per package 24 $2,00
Bones 4 -5 lb packages 34 $5,00
Bulk Bones 30-40 lbs box 14 $15,00
Bulk Fat 40 lbs box 4 $20,00
Market Cows
(over 60 month of age, no hormones,  100% grass-fed)
Item Description Total Available Price
Tenderloin Steaks 0.6 lb packages 71 $10,00
Ground Beef 10 lb box 87 $75,00
Ground Beef 20 lb box 18 $140,00
Ground Beef 40 lb box 1 $270,00
Burger Patties Plain 1 lb package, 4 patties 244 $7,50
Burger Patties (Farmer Sausage Seasoning) 1 lb package, 4 patties 56 $7,50
Sausage – Mild Italian (gluten free) 1 lb package 111 $8,50
Sausage – Fine Herb (gluten free) 1 lb package 74 $8,50
Sausage – Farmer (gluten free) 1 lb package 67 $8,50
Sausage – Tomato Basil (gluten free) 1 lb package 120 $8,50
Sausage – Honey Garlic (contain gluten) 1 lb package 83 $8,50
Bone Broth 350 ml 196 $3,00
Market Liver 1 lb packages 35 $1,00
Market Kidney 2 per package 3 $1,00
Market Heart 1/2 heart per package 6 $1,00
Regular Pork
(Pasture raised, organic feed, no hormones, no antibiotics)
Item Description Total Available Price
Pork Fat 10 lbs each 9 $15,00
Pork Leaf Fat 24 lbs each 3 $25,00
Pork Kidneys 2 per package 7 $1,00
Pork Hearts whole, .5 lbs each 18 $1,00


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Co-operative Open House/Info Session

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Jan 052015


We are holding an open house on January 18th, 2015 to share info and give a tour of the farm to those interested in submitting a proposal to join Ferme Aube aux champs land management co-op. (More info here)

January 18th from 1pm to 5pm.


  • English information session 1:15pm to  1:45pm ; French information session 2:00pm to 2:30pm. (Both will include information about future farm co-op plans, housing, lease for 2015 prior to co-op establishment, and more.)
  • Guided tour of farm buildings, infrastructure, and land overview 2:45pm to 4:00pm

There will be time for questions throughout.

And where, you ask? At the farm : 567 rang Ste Julie Est, St-André-Avellin, QC, J0V 1W0.

We look forward to meeting you!


post jan 5

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