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When you sign up for to participate in the Grazing Days grass-fed beef CSA, you will chose in which month(s) you would like to have your beef delivered between October and June. The deliveries will happen on two Saturdays every month. Customers living in certain parts of the city will receive beef on one of the two Saturdays, and the customers living in the remaining parts of the city will receive beef on the second Saturday. Once we have received all of our orders we will be able to be more precise as to which neighbourhoods will be delivering to on which Saturdays. Here is the delivery process for each delivery day:

      1. About 10 days before your scheduled delivery, Grazing Days will send out an email with a reminder of the delivery weekend. We will assign you to one of the following time slots Saturday Morning (9am to 1pm) or Saturday Afternoon (2pm to 7pm). These approximate delivery times are based on the other deliveries that we will be making to your part of the city. We will verify your delivery address and delivery contact telephone number, plus we will let you know of any outstanding payments that you owe us. You will also receive information about items that you will be able to add onto your delivery such as bones, liver, etc.


      2. You will have until the Monday evening, prior to your delivery weekend to let us know if your assigned delivery time works for you, if there are corrections to be made to the delivery address, and whether you would like to order any add-ons.


      3. By the end of day Wednesday before the delivery weekend, Grazing Days will send you the 90 minute delivery window within which we will aim to be at your house with your delivery, and an invoice for the add-ons that you have ordered.


    4. Grazing Days shows up at your house during the 90 minute delivery window, rings your doorbell and hands you your box-o-beef… The actual delivery only takes about 3 minutes.

Delivery area

We will deliver to any address within the City of Ottawa city limits. For those people living outside of the City of Ottawa city limits, you can either choose to have Grazing Days deliver your box of beef to a friend’s or family’s address within Ottawa or to pick up your box of beef at a specified address in Ottawa after the delivery weekend. This pick-up location has traditionally been in Centretown or the Glebe.

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