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This year we are again hoping to make Grazing Days grass-fed beef affordable to everyone. See our Affordability Fund page for more details.

Grazing Days Grass-Fed Beef CSA 2017/2018 Pricing and Order Guide

When you are ready to place your order of grass-fed beef, please click on the CSA Option that you would like to purchase from the table below and complete the order form. There are 6 different order options that depend on two main things: 1) the amount of beef your family goes through in a year and 2) the amount of freezer space you have available to store the beef.

Amount of Beef Eaten in Household
80 lbs / year
(1.5 -2 lbs/ week)
40 lbs / year
(about 1 lb/ week)
10 lbs /year
(about 1 lb/ month)
Freezer Space Small
(Freezer above Fridge)
Full Share $899.20
(8 deliveries of 10lbs  between October and June)
Half Share $449.60
(4 deliveries of 10lbs between October and June)
Sample Box $115
(1 delivery of 10 lbs)
(Small chest Freezer)
Bulk Share $859.20
(4 deliveries of 20lbs between October and June)
Mixed Eighth $419.60
(1 delivery of 40 lbs)
(Chest Freezer)
Mixed Quarter $829.20
(1 delivery of 80 lbs)
  • Every animal is made up of approximately 25% steak, 25% roast and 50% ground beef, which means:
  • Every 10 lbs consists of approximately 2 (1lb)packages of steak (2 per package), 1 (2.5 to 3 lbs) roast, 1 (1 lb)package of stewing beef or sausage, and 3 or 4 (1 to 1.5 lbs) packages of ground beef

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Full Share
Bulk Share 
Half Share
Mixed Quarter
Mixed Eighth
Sample Box

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