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Grazing Days raises and delivers delicious pastured pork to households throughout Ottawa, Gatineau, and St-André-Avellin. In this section we will explain how we go about raising our pastured pork (our on-farm practices), what your order options are and how we will get your pork to you, once you place your order.


On-Farm Practices

As with all of the animals that we raise on the farm, we are committed to raising quality pork in a way that is humane and respectful of the animal’s well-being. For the duration of their time at Grazing Days, our pigs spent their time on pasture. We rotated them to a fresh patch of grass every week where they were able to eat grass, dig for grubs and roots, and relax in the shade of their shelter (although I don’t know how comfortable their doggy-pile “relaxing” really is).


The pigs were fed Organic pig feed from Homestead Organics – which is guaranteed GMO free.


Furthermore, all of the animals at Grazing Days play a role in keeping the farm vibrant and thriving. The cattle on the farm, in collaboration with the perennial grass and legumes they eat, fertilize and rehabilitate soils, sequester carbon, and rejuvenate the springs and creeks on the farm and the aquifers beneath the farm. The pigs also play a pivotal role in the transition of a field from one crop or use to another. Since we are hoping to attract a few vegetable growers onto the farm, the pigs role this summer was to break up the sod and to root up some of the weeds before a cover crop is planted in that field next year in preparation for the vegetables. Next summer, the pigs will help us dig up some unwanted grasses and add a significant amount of fertility to a field that is recovering very slowly from years of abuse.

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