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What to order:

There are 6 different order options that depend on two main things: 1) the amount of pork your family goes through in a year and 2) the amount of freezer space you have available to store the pork.

Grazing Days Pastured Pork CSA 2016/2017 Pricing and Order Guide
Amount of Pork Eaten in Household
80 lbs
(1.5 -2 lbs/ week)
40 lbs
(about 1 lb/ week)
10 lbs
(about 1.5 lbs/ month)
Freezer Space Small
(Freezer above Fridge)
Pork Full Share $783.20
(8 deliveries of 10lbs between November and June)
Pork Half Share $391.60
(4 deliveries of 10lbs between November and June)
Pork Sample Box $100
(1 delivery of 10 lbs)
(Small chest Freezer)
Pork Bulk Share $743.20
(4 deliveries of 20lbs between November and June)
Quarter Pig $361.60
(1 delivery of 40 lbs)
(Chest Freezer)
Half Pig $713.20
(1 delivery of 80 lbs)
  • We have packaged the pork into boxes of 10 lbs. Each box contains 1 pork roast (butt or shoulder), some pork chops and some, but not all of the following:
    smoked ham, spare ribs, pork filet, breakfast sausage, Italian Sausage, smoked bacon, or green bacon
  • Our pricing formula is approximately $8.79 per lb of pork, plus $10 per delivery.

These share sizes are a guide that will work for most people. Feel free to mix and match or double up on an order. For example if you would like to receive 20 lbs of pork, feel free to order two sample boxes. If you are not sure what to order, I would recommend being conservative in your estimates. If you find that you go through more pork than you ordered, you can always order more pork next year.

All of the pork tongues, hearts, and fat are sold as add-ons to your existing order. This means that every time I come to your house you have the opportunity to add any of these items to your order.

Unfortunately, we do not sell pork by the cut to ensure that all cuts get distributed evenly and fairly. Also, as a rule, we do not accept custom cutting orders.

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