A quick word on Order by the Cut and invoicing

We kindly ask you not to pay right away when you place orders for individual cuts that are sold by weight--that is, any steak, roast, organ meat or individual package of ground beef or pork. When we pack your orders, the day before your scheduled delivery, we record the actual weight of the items you're receiving and, that evening (the night before your delivery), we send you an amended invoice for the actual amount owed.

Our web store platform is not designed for selling items by weight, and while we've found effective work-arounds, we know our system isn't perfect. (For a step-by-step description of our Order by the Cut option, please click on How Does It Work here.) The current invoices we send do indicate whether we'd like you to pay right away or hold off, but only at the bottom of your invoice (see image below). We are currently working with a developer to make it more obvious which orders should not be paid right away, but we aren't there yet. 
Here is what you'll see at the bottom of your invoice (and confirmation email) about payment for orders containing items sold by weight. 


We wanted to share this with you because in the midst of this very hectic period on the farm, meeting demand for home deliveries means we have less time to send small e-transfers with the difference to hundreds of people. We will get to it, for sure, but it would help us a lot if orders that included items sold by weight were paid only once that amended invoice is sent (the evening before your delivery day).   
We sincerely apologize for the delay in getting that cost difference back to you. Thank you for your trust and your patience as we do our utmost to meet (meat!) this unprecedented demand. 
Thanks so much for your support, for choosing local food, and for all of the kind words you're sending our way. They are so appreciated.