Order by the Cut

What is This?

Think about Order by the Cut as an online butcher shop for all the different cuts of meat available from our farm.

Simply take the following steps:

  1. Add the items you want to your shopping cart,
  2. Select your delivery or pick-up location and date during the checkout process,
  3. Pay for your order once we've packed it and adjusted your invoice to reflect the actual weight of the meat you ordered,
  4. Be ready to receive your order on the specified delivery or pick-up date.

Whom is it for?

Order by the Cut is perfect for people who:

  1. Love flexibility: there is no need to make a commitment – order what you want, when you want.
  2. Are looking to try grass-fed beef for the first time, but would like to start small.
  3. Know exactly the cuts of meat they would like – no more, no less.
  4. Are having a get together in the next few weeks and would like to stock up on some additional meat before hand.
  5. Don’t mind paying a little bit extra (about 10% more than our subscriptions) for the added convenience and selection.

How does it Work?

Since each piece of meat weighs a different amount, we will adjust your invoice slightly depending on the weight of the cuts when we pack your order.

In order to facilitate this, our invoicing and your payment will work similarly to how you pay with a credit card at a gas station.

  1. You select the cuts of meat you would like to purchase
  2. You authorize the maximum amount of money your order could cost.
  3. We pack your order and adjust your invoice according to the actual weights of the cuts of meat we packed into your box.
  4. If you paid, by credit card, we capture the payment for your adjusted invoice, or if you selected you would rather pay with an email money transfer, cash or cheque, we send you the adjusted invoice. The final balance of your adjusted invoice will never be more than the amount you authorized. Most of the time, the final balance will be less than the amount that you authorized.
  5. Several days prior to your selected pick-up or delivery date, we send you the details related to your delivery or pick-up.
  6. You receive your prepackaged order on the date specified on your order.