Direct Delivery in Ottawa-Gatineau

Grazing Days delivers to any address within the Ottawa and Gatineau city limits. Please check out our delivery catchment area and our neighbourhood delivery dates here.

For people living outside of these limits, you can have Grazing Days deliver to a friend or family, or pick-up your delivery at one of our specified pick-up locations.

Our Meat Subscription Delivery Process

When ordering with Grazing Days, you select a date (or series of dates) on which you'd like us to deliver. Here's how we deliver your order:

1. We Send You a Reminder 10 Days Before Delivery

About ten days before your scheduled delivery, we send you an email with a reminder about the delivery. We make deliveries to all parts of the city; in this email we'll let you know the four-hour time window on the delivery Saturday when we plan to be in your area.

We'll verify your delivery address and delivery contact telephone number. You will also receive information about seasonal items and add-ons that you can add to your delivery, such as bones, liver, etc.

2. Make Changes Until the Monday Before Your Delivery

You have until the Monday evening before your delivery date to log into your account and let us know if your assigned delivery time no longer works for you, or if you need to change the delivery address. You can also order additional items at this time.

3. We Confirm Your Delivery the Wednesday Before

By the end of the day on the Wednesday before the delivery weekend we will send you the 90-minute delivery window within which we plan to arrive at your house, and an invoice for any add-ons.

4. Delivery Day

We will arrive at your house during the 90 minute delivery window, ring your doorbell and hand you your box. The actual delivery only takes a minute!

    Alternate Delivery Options

    Life happens! We're flexible about deliveries. If circumstances make it impossible to be home to accept the delivery, you have a number of options:

    1. If you or someone in your house will be home shortly after our proposed times, place a cooler (with some ice packs) by your door and we will put your delivery inside the cooler. Please let us know if you are leaving a cooler by your door.

    2. Ask a neighbour, friend, or family member to receive the delivery on your behalf. Send us their address and we will deliver it there (note if the alternative delivery address is not in your neighbourhood, the delivery time and date may not be the same).

    3. If neither of the above options works for you, please let us know and we will reschedule for another delivery time.

    4. Or come to the farm to pick up your beef order: we welcome visitors!