Grazing Days CSA Customer Meeting and Potluck

Save the Date – March 29th, 2014 – You are Invited

Pot LuckThe main way that Grazing Days markets its grass-fed beef is through its Community Shared Agriculture or CSA program (the monthly or bi-monthly home deliveries of beef). This is very beneficial for Grazing Days for a number of reasons.


First, we know at the beginning of the season how much of our beef has been spoken for and how much marketing / outreach we need to do throughout the growing season to ensure that we don’t end up with a few thousand pounds of unsold meat for which we won’t be paid. Second, as people pay for their beef orders in advance, prior to receiving their first delivery, it helps Grazing Days manage its cash flow. Finally, by participating in the CSA, our customers acknowledge that there is a lot of risk involved in any agricultural enterprise (due to weather, pest and disease, etc.) and as a result, they agree to be flexible with their expectations (in regards to the exact content of the beef delivery, its timing, etc.)


In return for these benefits, Grazing Day has a number of responsibilities to its members. First, we agree to be completely transparent in terms of our farming practices, challenges that the farm is facing and the direction in which we are hoping to take the farm in the future. Second, we agree to make public the farm’s financial statements.  We acknowledge that our customers pay a lot of money for beef each year and in return, we want to show you where that money goes.


One of the main ways we live up to our responsibilities is by inviting everyone to an annual Grazing Days customer meeting and potluck. This year is no exception. Here are the details:


    • Who: Everyone is welcome: Anyone who is already a Grazing Days customer, is thinking about becoming a customer, or is a farm supporter in some other way.


    • What:  4:00pm: An interactive business meeting to go over our 2013/2014 season, look at the Grazing Days finances, and explore the future direction of the farm.

              5:30pm: Potluck and social time

    • When: March 29th, 2014 from 4:00pm until 7:00pm


    • Where: Meeting room of CCOC Beaver Barracks at 464 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0P3 (near Metcalfe and Catherine)


    • How: Please RSVP by March 24th at  and let us know how many of you are coming.


  • Please bring: A dish to share with everyone at the potluck and your own plates, cutlery and cups. (There are power outlets and there is one stove/oven in the Beaver Barracks meeting room).


A note about “Family Friendly”

In the past, we’ve advertised Grazing Days customer meetings and potlucks as “Family Friendly”. It has become painfully clear to us that we had no idea what that meant prior to having a child—and that having paper and crayons on offer does not make a meeting “kid and parent friendly.” Our apologies. Although the meeting is still not really an ideal place for children, we are completely open to having rambunctious children in our presence during the meeting and we have moved the meeting time to the afternoon/early evening to be more accommodating. If you have any ideas about how these meetings can be more family friendly please let us know, we’re all ears.

(That being said, there will be crayons and paper)