Grazing Days Sausage Fest and Annual Meeting April 10th

Taste sausages – choose your favourite, eat some of Ottawa’s finest street-food, learn about what is happening with Grazing Days – join us on April 10th!

Grazing Days Sausage FestWhen: April 10th, 2015 from 6pm to 10pm

Who: Everyone is welcome. Anyone who is a Grazing Days customer or a farm supporter. The only catch is that the room’s capacity is 80 people – reserve your ticket(s) early.

Where: Centretown – exact location will be shared when you reserve your ticket(s).

How: Please reserve your ticket(s) by completing the form below. Tickets are priced to help cover the cost of the catering: $13 per full portion and $5 per kid portion and are payable at the door.Sorry this event is now sold out


6:30pm Sausage Fest! (Did we mention Gluten Free Sausages?!)

Since we have moved to our new farm, we have started to work with a local-to-the-farm sausage maker: Ferme Moreau. For Sausage Fest, they have prepared 5 different kinds of Gluten Free sausages with Grazing Days beef for all of us to sample. The favourite sausage of the evening will become the standard sausage in the Grazing Days beef boxes.


These 5 sausages will be going toe to toe for the honour:

(We will have extra packages of frozen sausages for sale at $10.00 per package if there are any sausages you would like to try cooking at home…)

  • Beefeater Sausage
  • Farmers’ Sausage
  • Fine Herbs Sausage
  • Mild Italian Sausage
  • Tomato Basil Sausage


7:00pm Gongfu Bao meal!

Our good friend Tarek at Gongfu Bao (, the source of some of Ottawa’s tastiest street food, is kindly working with us to cater the event. He’s cooking up some tasty Grazing Days beef for his steam buns to go along with the Sausage Fest theme. (Vegetarian and / or Gluten Free options are also available). Tickets are $13 for Full portions – which includes 2 steam buns (or similar) and a side and $5 for Kid portions – 1 steam bun (or similar). Drinks will be sold separately.


As a side note, in the past, Grazing Days has often opted for the potluck, as the way to share a meal at our events. Our hunch is that some of our customers chose not to come to events because of the potluck component. We’re excited to see if catered food is a more appealing option.


8 :00pm Grazing Days Annual Meeting

We’ll cap off the evening with a quick review of the Grazing Days 2014/2015 season, a peak at Grazing Days’ finances, and some musings about what we are looking forward to and thinking about on the farm for 2015/ 2016 and beyond.


We’ll have some Twister-type activities to keep the younger (and older) crowd occupied during this part of the evening.