The pastured chickens are in. Order fresh (non frozen) chicken today - limited time offer!

We are getting the first batch of 2019 pastured chickens* back from the abattoir this week and we want to offer them as fresh (non-frozen) chicken for two deliveries. One will be on September 19th (at our Overbrook pick up location at 256 Glynn Avenue, from 4pm to 6pm), the other will be in October (date tbd). 

Getting the chicken fresh is a great way to cut and portion the meat exactly how you want it.

Place your order for pick up on Sept. 19th and divide the meat into breast, drumsticks, and wings before freezing. Deadline for orders is midnight on Wednesday, September 18th.

Place your order right here, selecting your preferred weight/size of bird. (Any 2019 chicken order for Sept. 19th will be delivered fresh).  

Here is a beautiful 9 lb chicken that became a feast for 7 adults and 2 kids a few weeks ago.

*These chickens are pastured, eat grain that is exclusively organic, have received no growth hormones or antibiotics.   

Thank you for your continued support!