the whey they like it.

The season is well under way here on the farm. The cows are happily on pasture, moving every day to fresh grass, and the pigs are helping us get parcels of land ready for fresh seed. 

 Pigs grazing beside cows

During the winter months, we looked for ways to make our pork enterprise more profitable. Given the high cost of organic pig feed, and the belief that pigs can and should play a food waste recycling role, we have paired up with a local cheese maker, la Fromagerie Montebello. We’ve been feeding the pigs whey, a waste product of cheese making, for a week now and they’ve adjusted well.

Twice a week, two to four of these totes are filled at the Fromagerie.

 Totes filled with wheyFeeding whey to pigs

We feel a lot better feeding the pigs this way, saving the food grade organic grain for human consumption.  And this added sustainability might well be the ticket to a profitable farm enterprise.