Twine-Cutting Work Bee and BBQ

We’d love your help on Sunday, November 4th (10am to 5pm) to cut twine off the 1,250 bales of hay that our cattle herd will be eating over the winter.



The bales are laid out in our pastures (we practice ‘winter bale grazing’) and before the animals can eat them, we need to slice 6 or so strands of twine off with an x-acto knife. We then tie the loose strands in a loop, to be quickly pulled off with a quad later on. The bales are tall and far afield, so the work requires an ability to reach, extend, pull, knot and walk in uneven, mildly hilly (and potentially muddy) terrain.


We figure there's around 50 hours of work, which could easily turn into 5 short hours if there are 20 (or more!) of us. 

Come spend a solid day outdoors helping your friendly neighbourhood livestock farmers get twine wrapping off 1,250 bales of hay! (you can share the facebook event page too.)

For your help, we'll be grateful till the cows come home and we'll serve BBQ'ed sausages on a bun/veggies burgers and beverages for all. 

Questions, comments and RSVPs to

Big thanks!

Josée and Paul.