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Affordability fund

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At Grazing Days, low income families who are unable to afford quality beef or pork can apply to purchase our meat “at cost”, with assistance from our customer-sponsored Affordability Fund.


One of the main issues that Grazing Days has been wrestling with is the accessibility of our meat. On the one hand, the price of quality beef and pork like Grazing Days’ is often out of reach for lower income households. On the other hand, farming (especially small-scale farming), although very rewarding in other ways, is usually not a profitable business. If we priced our meat low so that everyone could afford it, we would not make a living wage. Inversely, if we expect to make a living wage, then the price of good quality food rises too high for lower-income households.

With the recent increases in meat prices, we’ve been trying to think of creative ways to address this issue. This year, we continue to ask people to pay an additional 10 cents per pound of meat (with an opt-out clause) as a contribution to our Affordability Fund.

If there is no more money in the Affordability Fund, we will not accept any additional “at cost” orders. If there is money left in the fund when all the orders have been received, Grazing Days will donate that amount of meat to a food bank or food centre.

If you are living on a low income and would like to be a beneficiary of the Affordability Fund, please place your Grazing Days grass-fed beef or pastured pork order as normal, and respond to the email invoice to tell us you would like to apply for assistance from the Affordability Fund.