A word about delivery fees. 

When COVID-19 and the stay home/physical distancing order first happened, we wanted to help get meat out to people as quickly as possible, knowing that having food in the fridge and freezer was a top priority for many. We dropped our delivery fees to help make this easier for people. 

It's now looking like this situation may be longer term than any of us had anticipated and we realize that we cannot cover the full cost of deliveries indefinitely. 

We're proposing a 50/50 delivery cost share option, to maintain access to our products but to recoup at least half of delivery costs.

When you place your order at check-out you'll now have the option of paying the full $10 fee, or of paying $5. We also want to remind folks that we have an Affordability Fund. Please don't hesitate to get in touch about this option.  

Wishing you and yours health, safety and wellness. 

Josée & Paul

Ferme Grazing Days Farm