On pasture, everyone.


Well, today was the day : all of the cows and calves are officially on pasture — including our beloved dairy cow and her twin calves. My sister Roxanne is here for a visit and got to lead the pasture parade.


It was the first time the baby calves ventured out, and while they were pretty nervous and tentative at first, their curiosity soon took over.


 This one had gotten to our back entrance, and too close to the road, so had to be carried back. At 10 days old, he’s about 60 pounds and quite the little prancer.


 And here they are, all three of them on pasture right outside our back door.



Kiddo was happy that the “bébés!” are closer to home, but the calves aren’t the only little ones that will need to get the hang of being around electric fences, so this mama is holding on tight.


And in other good news : we just found out that there’s an app that will allow us to read cattle ear tags ! (Which is great news. As we’re working on getting all the right farm registrations and farm numbers, we were told we need to submit our inventory i.e. all of the tag numbers for the cattle we have. Numbers we don’t have on paper. The thought of having to chase down all forty five cows to try to read and write down these small identification numbers was pretty daunting. So voilà ! Hours of work saved.)

Tomorrow : we till to start planting our vegetable garden and we keep working on fencing.