Beef cattle grazing on grass in a field

Grass-fed Beef, Pork, and Chicken Delivered in Ottawa

Boeuf nourri à l'herbe, porc de pâturage et poulet de pâturage

Grazing Days is a small family-run farm in St.-André-Avellin, Quebec. We produce quality beef, pork, and chicken, and sell directly from our farm to customers in Ottawa-Gatineau.

Mangez de la bonne viande

We think everyone needs nutritious and tasty food. We raise our animals carefully, using holistic grazing techniques that mimic nature and are fit for our climate.

Our meat is:

✓ 100% grass fed
✓ Humanely raised
✓ GMO-free
✓ Antibiotic-free
✓ Locally grown

Convenient Delivery in Ottawa-Gatineau, Direct from the Farm

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