Early October Farm Updates, Tips, and more.

A lot has happened on the farm this summer.

We started work on building a bigger and better walk-in freezer and it’s just about done—right in time for the meat that’s started arriving from the butcher.

We needed the additional freezer space as we have the meat of 70 grass-fed cattle, 70 pastured pork and 750 pastured chickens to freeze, store and deliver between now and June 2019, compared with the meat of 55 cattle and 50 pigs last year.

We are so happy and grateful to report that it has been a stupendous year for both the cattle and the pig herds. The calves and cows have been healthy and growing, and the pig herd has thrived. We’ve also upgraded our feeding infrastructure for the pigs (i.e. troughs and fencing), making it much safer and easier to work with them.

Farm Tip!

Now’s the time to go through your freezer to make sure you have space for your upcoming delivery! We’re starting our 2018-2019 season deliveries this month, which gives you just enough time to organize your freezer space, cook that large roast you weren't quite sure what to do with last season (a Thanksgiving roast!), or celebrate the long weekend by having a BBQ with pals.


Westboro Farmers Market

Until October 27th, you can find us at the Westboro Farmers Market at Byron Park on Saturdays (9:30 to 3:00). Buy our grass-fed beef by the cut, try a warm sausage on a stick with kraut, and meet our awesome market employee (and co-farmer, market gardener here in St-André-Avellin) Nikki Tesar. 


Still taking orders.

Given the growth of our herds, we have more pastured meats to sell this year. If you haven’t yet placed your order, visit our website.


That’s it for this week.

We are so grateful for your support. Thanks again.


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